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September 3, 2015
* Broadview Public School; Building a future, now. - by - Jeanne Inch (Extra Pics).
* Letters to The Editor; The Neighbour Watching... - by - Dr. James Emmet.
* Samba 2015; Kids take the lead. - by - the Hintonburg Economic Development Committee.
* Danger in the Basement?; Radon Gas! - by - Stephanie L. Douma MSc. P.Geo., PHRAM (Cert.)
* Cst Neilly’s Neighbourhood; School starts Sept. 8 (Drivers be Aware!). - by - Cst Dawn Neilly.
* They Paved Paradise...; And put up a parking lot. - by - Lorrie Marlow (Extra Pics).
* Mechanicsville’s Loss; No Rink of Dreams. - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* Provincial Report; Public Consultation on Police Street Checks. - by - Yasir Naqvi, MPP.
* Photo Inset: S’cool Backpacks (Caring and Sharing helps Kids to get a good start). - by - Megan O’Meara (photo).
* The End of a (Sketchy) Era; and good riddance. - by - HCA Security Committee.
* Is Square Dancing Really ‘Square”?; Step right up and find out. - by - Sharon Fotheringham.

* (Online-only) Photo Essay: The Beat Goes On...; Samba in the Park 2015. - by - Tim Thibeault (photos).
* (Online-only) Winter Safety begins in the Basement. Know what to look for in radon gas detection/testing. - by - Stephanie L. Douma MSc. P.Geo., PHRAM (Cert.)
* (Online-only) Caring and Sharing; Backpacks for Students. - by - Megan O’Meara (photos).

October 1, 2015
* Big battle for local Mom; Carleton Tavern Hosts Fundraiser Oct. 4th. - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* Newswest Annual General Meeting; Nov. 23 at HCC - Save the date. - by - Newswest Board.
* Stories for Seniors; OWCS Adult Program Tells Tales. - by - Sarah Doiron OWCS.
* Distracted Driving Is Costly; Neilly’s Neighbourhood. - by - Cst Dawn Neilly.
* GCTC’s “Generous” Talent Isn’t Stingy; Theatre Review. - by - Allyson Domanski.
* The Few and The Many; RCL Branch 480 remembers the Battle of Britain. - by - staff (Editorial).
* Fall Recreation in the Hood; Song and sports across the seasons. - by - Lorrie Marlow, Chair - Recreation Association of Hintonburg.
* A Tree for Emma Robe; Friends and Family Remember. - by - HEDC (Hintonburg Economic Development Committee). (Extra Pics)
* Drumming in the Square; Baobab Youth Group. - by - Kathy Armstrong.
* Provincial Report; Ontario Connecting More Seniors in Our Community. - by - Yasir Naqvi, MPP Ottawa-Centre.
* Sherbourne Road Audit; Safer streets a priority. - by - Nandita Bijur and Neeta McMurtry Ecology Ottawa | Écologie Ottawa. (Extra Pics)

* (Online-only) Scott Street Buses; Sooner than we might think. - by - Cheryl Parrott, 2500 Buses a Day, No Way!
* (Online-only) Photo Inset: Parkdale Off Ramp; Open Road. - by - T. Hairbach (photo).
* (Online-only) Photo Essay: on A Tree for Emma Robe;. - by - Tim Thibeault (photos).

October 29, 2015
* Village to Village; Keeping it fair. - by - Victoria McTaggart.
* Photo Inset: Dangerous Crossing. - by - Gary Ludington (Photo).
* PFC Makes Ottawa Awesome; Community fridge makes donating easier. - by - Awesome Ottawa.
* City Hall Report: Dealing with the issues. - by - Jeff Leiper, Councillor Kitchissippi Ward.
* The Little Community That Could; Record-setting fundraiser. - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* Lost and Found; Phone lost, lesson learned. - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* Cst Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Hallowe'en Safety - by - Cst Dawn Neilly.
* Wellington Ramble; Wellington West 1960’s style. - by - Anna Borris.

* (Online-only) Grateful Reflections on Working Together; A Farewell from Our Outgoing MP. - by - Paul Dewar.
* (Online-only) Photo Essay: The Little Community That Could Fund raise for Michelle. - by - Tim Thibeault (photos).
* (Online-only) Kitchissippi Teachers form a musical Dynamic Duo for a Remembrance Weekend concert. - by - staff.
* (Online-only) Photo Essay: Enhanced Bread Artists ready for 23rd Annual Open House on Oct 29th. - by - EBA.
* (Online-only) Photo Inset: ‘Ton of garbage’; Friends of the Ottawa and Rideau Shoreline Cleanup. ;. - by - staff.