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April 13, 2017
* A is for Author and Artist; Miriam Bloom, Kitchissippi Author and Designer. - by - Barbara Clubb. (Added Pics)
* Dave Adams and John Ceprano; Animators of snow and ice, rock and water. - by - Allyson Domanski. (Added Pics)
* Hampton Iona Community Group AGM; Save the date - May 4th. - by - Lorne Cutler. (Extra Text)
* Meet the Editor; Artist, potter and word-wrangler. - by - Anna Borris.
* Federal Report; Youth and Jobs. - by - Catherine McKenna, M.P., Ottawa Centre. (Extra Text)
* Cst Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Internet Safety for Parents (on May 2nd). - by - Cst. Dawn Neilly.
* Ice Cubes and Sewing Needles; Ear piercing at home. - by - Anna Borris.
* Hockey Dynasty in Ottawa West; Kitchissippi team rules the roost. - by - Allyson Domanski. (Added Pics)

* (Online-only) Photo Inset: Parkdale and Scott Street - then and now. - by - Cheryl Parrott (photos).
* (Online-only) Photo Inset: As the temperatures rise so does the cement (finally). - by - Cheryl Parrott (photos).

May 11, 2017
* Emerging Artists Kristiana Dudley and Max K. Black; Art, Science, Whimsy and Determination. - by - Tim Thibeault and M.K. Black.
* Letters to Newswest; City Council Opens the Flood Gates. - by - Gary Ludington.(Added Pics)
* Wellington Village Community Association; AGM is coming - May 16th. - by - WVCA.
* Photo Inset: Tunney's Pasture Takes Shape. - by - Cheryl Parrott (photo).
* Noise Bylaw Review; Wind chimes or construction, noise is noise. - by - Hintonburg Community Association.
* It's Clean up Time!; It takes a community... - by - Pat O'Brien.
* Photo Essay: Kids' View; HCC Art Class investigates Cleaning the Capital. - by - Eve Sutton-Long, Layla Langdon and Isabella O'Shaughnessy.(Added Pic)
* Rumour has it; We heard it through the grapevine... - by - staff.
* Animal Tales; When the 'Pet Shop' was the Humane Society. - by - Anna Borris.

* (Online-only) Photo Inset: Mike's party; Retirement Party May 6 2017. - by - Lorrie Marlow (photo).

May 25, 2017
* A Safe Street for Ellie; Involved citizens and an engaged Councillor get results. - by - Kathy Kennedy.
* Photo Inset: 44 Years on the Job; Carleton Tavern hosts retirement party. - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* Federal Report; Making Ottawa the World's Greenest Capital. - by - Catherine McKenna MP, Ottawa Centre.
* Cst Neilly's Neighbourhood; Getting to know you.. - by - Cst Dawn Neilly, OPS.
* Tony Turner's Next Move; "Harperman" songster heads west. - by - Kathy Kennedy. (Added Pic)
* Connaught Schoolyard Renewal; Fundraising passes halfway mark. - by - Sophia Wong.
* Mechanicsville AGM; New Board faces new challenges. - by - Lorrie Marlow, MCA.
* The Corner Store; More than just Time has changed. - by - Anna Borris.