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December 11, 2014
* Westboro Resident Is Both an Artist and a Teacher; George Bernard Shaw may have been wrong.
- by - Tim Thibeault.
* Habemus Tabulam Directoribus; We have a board of directors.
- by - Newswest Board.
* Letter to the Editor: Kudos for speaking out. - by - Bill Kretzel, Kitchissippi resident.
* Letter to the Editor: Speak out for urban greenery. - by - Emma Robe.
* Self-supporting Hydro Poles...; or $1 Million for nonsense? - by - Cheryl Parrott.
* Photo-Essay: Kidsview - HCA Christmas Craft Sale 2014; Grown up events reviewed by kids.
- by - HCC Artsy Kids Class - Delphi, Poppy, Laura, Eve, Ava, Nathan, Emma, Frances, and friends.
* Cst Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Holiday Precautions. - by - Cst Dawn Neilly.
* Poverty Reduction Goals; Ontario Renews Commitment. - by - Yasir Naqvi, MPP Ottawa Centre.
* Joy To Their World! Community Veterinary Outreach. - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* Summer Re-visits Kitchissippi; New initiative provides all-season produce. - by - Phoebe Berkeley.
* Affordable Childcare; Let’s Make It Standard. - by - Paul Dewar, MP.
* Community Shares the Joy; Seasonal spirit lights up Clare Gardens Park. - by - Clare Gardens Park Volunteers.
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January 22, 2015
* A Tree Grows in Kitchissippi; Saving big trees a priority - by - Deb Chapman and Debra Huron.
* Opinion: Hintonburg Trees; Newswest Letters. - by - Angela Shalimar, Hintonburg resident.
* West End Memories; The Galaxy Restaurant. - by - Anna Borris.
* Photo inset: Parkdale Food Centre Gets A New Home.. - by - Susan Ong (photo).
* Carleton Tavern Christmas Dinner; A banner year for good cheer. - by - Hintonburg Economic Development Committee. (More pics Online)
* Hockey Day in Canada; HRA 'plays well with others'. - by - Lorrie Marlow, Hintonburg Recreation Association. (More Online)
* Jean-Guy Denis 1930-2014; A community stalwart passes away. - by - Paulette Dozois.
* Councillor's Column; Fresh start in City Hall. - by - Jeff Leiper, City Councillor, Kitchissippi Ward.

* (Online-only) Cst Neilly's Neighbourhood; Drive smart. Drive safe. - by - Cst Dawn Neilly.
* (Online-only) Movin' On Up; Parkdale Food Centre Gets A New Home. - by - Anne Duggan.
* (Online-only) Somerset Square Tree Lighting; Sub-zero temperatures don't stop tradition. - by - Phoebe Berkeley.
* (Online-only) Showcasing the O-Train Confederation Line; More to see during Winterlude. - by - Jim Watson.
* (Online-only) It's not just a cornfield. Make your voice heard; re: Land Transfer from the Farm to NCC. - by - Friends of the Farm.
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February 19, 2015
* The Hintonburg Howitzer; A mystery in our history. - by - Paulette Dozois. (More pics Online)
* Your Safety Counts; Safe Streets Group formed. - by - Anne Duggan, Coordinator, Safe Streets Working Group.
* Walkability Audit; How fit are our streets? - by - "2500 Buses A Day - No Way" Group.
* Snow Plowing Standards; There IS a system here. - by - Hintonburg Community Association.
* Street of Rock; Youth group sings out for SPCA. - by - Kayren Mosurinjohn.
* Important Conversations; Suicide Prevention. - by - Paul Dewar, MP Ottawa Centre.
* Letter to the Editor; Zen and Our Trees. - by - Emma Robe. (More pics Online)
* Newswest, Growing and Changing; In print and on-line. - by - Newswest Webmaster.
* Provincial Report; Community Opportunity and Security. - by - Yasir Naqvi, MPP-Ottawa Centre.

* (Online-only) Its Not Just a Walk in the Park; How you can help a visually impaired person. By Steven Doucette, Spokesperson, Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind.
* (Online-only) Cst. Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Crime Prevention Tips (for Businesses). - by - Cst. Dawn Neilly.