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Front Page
January 23, 2014
* Christmas Day at the Carleton. - by - Cheryl Parrott, Hintonburg Economic Development Committee.
* Hintonburg Author Launches Book - by - Sue Baker
* Photo Inset: Angel Gifts. - by - Solange Decelles (photo).
* Next Steps for Smoke-Free Ontario. - by - Yasir Naqvi, MPP, Ottawa Centre.
* Local Robin Hood of Toilet Paper. - by - Lorrie Marlow, Hintonburg Economic Development Committee.
* Cst. Milton’s Community Corner. - by - Andrew Milton, Community Police Officer.
* NEWSWEST Announcement. - by - staff.
* Work from home! Take the summer off!! - by - staff.
* OCDSB News. - by - Jennifer McKenzie, Ottawa Carleton District School Board Trustee.
* City Hall Report. - by - Katherine Hobbs, Councillor, Kitchissippi Ward.
* Cuts to service Continue: No More Home Delivery. - by - Paul Dewar, MP, Ottawa Centre.
* Local Bank Jump-starts January. Parkdale Food Centre benefits from friendly rivalry. - by - Aaron Wise, PFC volunteer, Fundraising Comittee.
* Photo Essay: The Carleton Tavern Christmas Album. - by - Tim Thibeault (photos).

Front Page
February 20, 2014
* “2,500 Buses A Day - No Way!” [Scott Street speaks out] - by - Cheryl Parrott.
* What’s in Your Car? [Volunteer gets Joan Gullen Award.] - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* Photo Essay: Giant Tiger’s First Annual Snowman Contest. - by - Journee Terry.
* PFC Cooking Workshop. - by - Len Fardella.
* RightBike Rides Into New Wards! - by - Shane Norris.
* Ottawa-Carleton District School Board News. - by - Jennifer McKenzie, OCDSB Trustee for Kitchissippi and Somerset Wards.
* Setting a Fair Minimum Wage in Ontario. - by - Yasir Naqvi, MPP.
* Ward 15 Report. - by - Katherine Hobbs, Councillor, Kitchissppi Ward.
* Cst. Milton’s Community Corner. - by - By Andrew Milton, Community Police Officer.
* Mechanicsville Winter Sleigh Ride. - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* Bill Little Passes [away]; Teacher, Community Builder. - by - staff.

* (Online-only) 3rd Annual Hintonburg Street Hockey Tournament a success! - by - Matt Whitehead.
Front Page
March 20, 2014
* Liveable Bayswater; Fast, Focused Community Action Gains Attention. - by - Kathy Kennedy.
* Public Meeting Looks at LRT Construction Bus Detour. - by - Matt Whitehead, Hintonburg Community Association.
* Hampton-Iona Community Group Confronts the Season; Community Celebrates Winter with a Carnival. - by - Jen Stelzer.
* Ten Thousand Steps to Better Health; Area Communities Step Out to Celebrate Plant Pool’s 10th. - by - Lorrie Marlow, Hintonburg Recreation Association.
* The Broadview Rebuild Journey; Road to a new school building is neither short nor easy. - by - Jennifer McKenzie, OCDSB Trustee.
* Death of a Salesman; Playing at a Bar Near You! - by - Allyson Domanski.
* Not your Granny’s quilting; Fibre art show pushes the boundaries. - by - Doreen Meyer.
* Consequences of Urban Renewal; Hidden costs of community improvements. - by - Brian Tracey.
* Unfair Elections Act Undermines Democracy. - by - Paul Dewar, MP Ottawa Centre.
* Help For Seniors in Our Community. - by - Yasir Naqvi, MPP Ottawa Centre.
* Constable Milton’s Corner. - by - Constable Andrew Milton.

* (Online-only) Letter to the Editor: What does rural mean? (When Inner city streets are involved). - by - Gary Ludington.

April 17, 2014
* Rush Hour Bus Crush; Community Group Documents Rush Hour Traffic. - by - Scott/Albert Thrown Under the Bus Working Group.
* Hilson School Seeks Centennial Memorabilia; Is there an old Report Card in your Attic? - by - staff.
* Dial M for Mobile; Easy browsing with new subdomain. - by - staff.
* Devonshire School Art Show; Children’s art auction benefits local schools. - by - Summer JL Baird.
* Emerald Ash Borer Still Here; Insect threatens city trees. - by - Barbara Long.
* Westboro Residents Gearing Up for TrainExpo; Area show aims to entice future Model Railway Enthusiasts. - by - D. Stremes.
* OCDSB News; Daycare, bell time changes in sight. - by - Jennifer McKenzie, Trustee for Kitchissippi and Somerset Wards.
* Earth Day: Action Urgently Needed; April 22 marks 44th annual observation. - by - Paul Dewar MP (NDP).
* Neighbourhood Alert; Springtime is bike time. Don’t forget to lock it. - by - Hintonburg Community Association Security Committee.
* Letter to the Editor; Police Station Closures Alarming. - by - Gary Ludington.
* ISS Is Over Our Heads (Again); NASA info shows that sky traffic too, is intense in our neighbourhoods. - by - staff.
* City Report; Springtime is cleaning time. - by - Katherine Hobbs, Councillor, Ward 15.
* Near Misses; Safe streets are everyone’s concern. - by - Cheryl Parrott, Security Committee, Hintonburg Community Association.
* St George School Turns 90; Venerable Catholic School in Wellington West gets ready to party May 4th. - by - A. Gagliano.

* (Online-only) Gala for Nepal; Annual cultural event returns to 1st Unitarian April 26. - by - Patricia O’Regan.

May 15, 2014
* Bayview Path a No-Go?; Safety Audit Sees Problems. - by - Cheryl Parrott.
* School’s First Students Celebrate 65 Years; Fisher Park High School Reunion 2014. - by - Derek Threinen (FPHS, 1986).
* Back to Our Roots Gala; PFC Fund raiser exceeds goals. - by - Aaron Wise, PFC Outreach Committee Volunteer.
* Constable Milton’s Corner. - by - Cst. Milton.
* Street of Rock!; Musical youth open doors to public. - by - Gabby Mosurinjohn-Lockey.
* Ward 15 Report. - by - Katherine Hobbs, Councillor, Kitchissippi Ward.
* OCDSB School Report. - by - Jennifer McKenzie, Trustee for Kitchissippi and Somerset Wards.
* Photo Inset: Battle of the Atlantic Day in Westboro. - by - staff (photo).

May 29, 2014
* Westboro’s Musical Wiz; Kitchissippi Musician Keeps Very Busy. - by - Donna Weyn.
* Hintonburg Spring Cleaning; Perking Up Our Parks. - by - Pat O’Brien.
* 1th Annual Hintonburg ArtsPark; Food, Fun and Entertainment at Parkdale Park. - by - Jenna Young.
* Problems With Foreign Workers?; Part of Alarming Gov’t Policy Shift. - by - Paul Dewar, MP Ottawa Centre.
* “Music Hath Charms To Soothe...”; Westboro Tunes in to Music Therapy. - by - Lara Lavelle.
* A Path to the Future; Westboro neighbours achieve new link to transitway. - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* Cst. Milton’s Corner. - by - Cst. Milton.
* Fresh Ideas Cooking at School; Students Mark “Food Revolution Day”. - by - Parkdale Food Centre.
* Ward 15 Report; Bike paths and safer streets.... - by - Katherine Hobbs.

* (Online-only) Don’t Be Caught Napping; 2 Hour Free Fraud Prevention Seminar coming in June. - by - Shane Quinn, Cheryl Parrott and Wayne Rodney.

June 26, 2014
* Residents Re-route Bus Info Session; Obfuscation or Honest Incompetence? - by - Pat MacLeod.
* CycleLogik 5K Run Set for July 13; A Hintonburg Summer Tradition Returns. - by - Lisa Georges, 2014 Race Director.
* What’s Your Platform?; The Candidates Tweet. - by - K. Hobbs, J. Leiper, E. Lougheed, and M. Reimer.
* Air Cadets’ 211th Squadron ACR; Westboro Air Cadets Strut Their Stuff. - by - Daniel Poirier.
* CAUSEWAY - Call for Volunteers; An Opportunity for Seniors - by - Causeway Volunteer Committee.
* Letter to the Editor; City Fails to Detour Resident Concerns. - by - Cheryl Parrott, resident near Scott St.
* Letter to the Editor; About that Bus Detour... - by - Roxanne Merits.
* Letter to the Editor; Bus Meeting Falls Short. - by - Paulette Dozois.
* Neilly’s Neighbourhood; A new officer on the Kitchissippi beat. - by - Cst. Dawn Neilly.
* Ward 15 Report Residents paint the town! - by - Katherine Hobbs.

* (Online-only) The Secret Garden at WESTFEST: Always something more to discover. - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* (Online-only) Mechanicsville Day - More Cowbell!!!; Music and Hot Dogs Ring True in Mechanicsville. - by - Lorrie Marlow.

* (Online-only) JULY 2: House of Commons calls for National Strategy for Palliative Care; Palliative and End-of-Life Care Motion M-456 passed. - by - Paul Dewar, MP Ottawa Centre.
* (Online-only) JULY 2: PFC Gains a Teaching Kitchen; Parkdale Food Centre takes a Section 37 break. - by - Sue Hall (photo).
* (Online-only) JULY 9: Photo Inset: 5th Annual Hintonburg Solstice Party; Great fun and music for the kids. - by - Tim Thibeault (photo).

September 4, 2014
* Wellington St. West In Bloom; A new jewel flowers in Hintonburg. - by - Joanne Lovett Potter.
* Job Interviewers Wanted; What Would You Ask an Applicant? (...for Ottawa City Council). - by - Tim Thibeault.
* Walk in, Our Door is Open; A New Clinic Opens on Parkdale. - by - Allyson Domanski.
* School Trustee Report; New beginnings. - by - Jennifer McKenzie, OCDSB Trustee for Kitchissippi and Somerset Wards.
* Cst Neilly’s Neighbourhood; An Ounce of Prevention... - by - Cst. Dawn Neilly.
* HCA Annual General Meeting; Come one, come all (on September 23rd). - by - Matt Whitehead, HCA President.
* Let the Young Ones Sing!; Movie night returns to the Burg. - by - Paulette Dozois.

* (Online-only) Letter to the Editor; 40th anniversary of Citizen Advocacy. - by - Ruth Koch-Schulte (President, Board of Directors, Citizen Advocacy).
* (Online-only) Photo Inset: Newswest 1K Cakes a Hit in the Wettest July Fun Run. - by - Anna Borris (photo).
* (Online-only) August Safety Blitz 0n Wellington West. - by - Hintonburg Community Association, Security Committee.

October 2, 2014
* Harvest Festival 2014; Kids and Grown ups celebrate the changing seasons. - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* Letter to the Editor: Tempest in a Teacup Garden. - by - Emma Robe.
* Fly While You Still Have Your Wings; Fun and Adventure With Air Cadets. - by - Simone Choy.
* Community Volunteers; Debbie Dannehl - A Lifelong Volunteer. - by - Sarah Doiron, Ottawa West Community Support.
* Job Interviews for Ward 15; Newswest readers ask the questions (of candidates for Councillor) - by - Voters of Kitchissippi Ward.
* Cst Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Child Print and Street Smarts Protect Kids. - by - Cst Dawn Neilly.
* Ottawa Centre Report; Community Resources for Ottawa Centre. - by - Paul Dewar MP, Ottawa-Centre.
* Newswest Annual General Meeting (is November 17th) - by - staff.

* (Online-only) “Livin on the Transitway”; A Toe-Tappin Song for Scott-Street LRT-Detour-Bus Blues. - by - staff.
* (Online-only) HCA AGM A-OK; Hintonburg Community Spirit is Strong. - by - Allyson Domanski.
* (Online-only) Long ago... and Today; The building at the center of Hintonburg. - by - C. Brace.

October 30, 2014
* Thirty Years of Community Service; Long time volunteer recognized. - by - Debra Huron.
* Newswest Annual General Meeting (on November 17th); Your Chance to Get Involved. - by - the Newswest Board.
* Congratulations Councillor!; A memo from your employers. - by - Kitchissippi Voters.
* Cst Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Fraud awareness is important. - by - Cst. Dawn Neilly.
* How Safe Is Safe Enough?; Scott St. Walkability Audit. - by - HCA Safety Committee
* Photo Inset: National Tree Day at St. George School. - by - A. Beaucham (Photo).
* Who will tame Ottawa’s Wild West?; Developers enjoy lax enforcement. - by - Debra Chapman.
* Parkdale’s Great Pumpkin Adventure; City kids visit the farm. - by - Karen Secord, Parkdale Food Centre.
* Letters to the Editor: Teacup Garden Supporters Speak Up. - by - Richard Allen, Lesley Buxton.
* Human Rights and Social Democratic Values; #MMIW is more than just a hashtag. - by - Paul Dewar, MP.
* Scott Street Detour; Dissatisfaction remains. - by - Karen Large, Hilda Street resident.
* Kitchissippi’s Derelict Properties; Condos of tomorrow create slums for today. - by - Cheryl Parrott.
* Letter to the Editor: Rezoning Leads to Revenue Loss? - by - Pat O’Brien, Hintonburg Resident.
* Safer, Stronger Communities; 3 projects funded in Ottawa. - by - Yasir Naqvi, MPP Ottawa Centre.

* (Online-only) Fall Bike Harvest 2014; Old Rides and Recyling on November 8th. - by - staff.
* (Online-only) Photo Inset: Expensive Power Poles; Construction costs mount on Scott Street. - by - T. Hairbach (photo).
* (Online-only) Halloween at OWCS; Seniors Can Dress-up for a Fun Lunch this Friday! - by - staff.

November 27, 2014
* Christmas Dinner at the Carleton. Food, Fellowship, and Friends to Share. - by - the Hintonburg Economic Development Committee.
* Parenthood Inspires Poetry. Stay-at-home Dad as bard. - by - Tim Thibeault.
* Dedicated Park Cleanup. Clare Gardens teen remembered with flowers. - by - Gary Ludington, Friends of Clare Gardens Park.
* Unicorn Riders With a Cause. Local teens ride inside to fight cancer. - by - Anne Duggan.
* A Note From The Councillor. Jeff Leiper responds. - by - Jeff Leiper.
* Local Bottles Have a Story to Tell. Hintonburg’s history buried in our gardens. - by - Cheryl Parrott, Hintonburg Resident.
* Cst Neilly’s Neighbourhood. Blue boxes pose a problem. - by - Cst Dawn Neilly.
* Snow Removal Strategy Needed. It’s beginning to look a lot like winter. - by - Hintonburg Community Association.
* Photo Inset: Lest We Forget. - by - Tim Thibeault (Photos).

* (Online-only) Back to Basics; MP’s Special Interview at Churchill Alternative. - by - Paul Dewar, MP.

December 11, 2014
* Westboro Resident Is Both an Artist and a Teacher; George Bernard Shaw may have been wrong.
- by - Tim Thibeault.
* Habemus Tabulam Directoribus; We have a board of directors.
- by - Newswest Board.
* Letter to the Editor: Kudos for speaking out. - by - Bill Kretzel, Kitchissippi resident.
* Letter to the Editor: Speak out for urban greenery. - by - Emma Robe.
* Self-supporting Hydro Poles...; or $1 Million for nonsense? - by - Cheryl Parrott.
* Photo-Essay: Kidsview - HCA Christmas Craft Sale 2014; Grown up events reviewed by kids.
- by - HCC Artsy Kids Class - Delphi, Poppy, Laura, Eve, Ava, Nathan, Emma, Frances, and friends.
* Cst Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Holiday Precautions. - by - Cst Dawn Neilly.
* Poverty Reduction Goals; Ontario Renews Commitment. - by - Yasir Naqvi, MPP Ottawa Centre.
* Joy To Their World! Community Veterinary Outreach. - by - Lorrie Marlow.
* Summer Re-visits Kitchissippi; New initiative provides all-season produce. - by - Phoebe Berkeley.
* Affordable Childcare; Let’s Make It Standard. - by - Paul Dewar, MP.
* Community Shares the Joy; Seasonal spirit lights up Clare Gardens Park. - by - Clare Gardens Park Volunteers.

* (Online-only) Give to the Farm; and “Own” a Piece of Farm History. - by - Friends of the Farm.
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