In the latest issue of Newswest ( available on-line through and ) This issue we talk about our parks, the trees lost, the changing nature, and what to go see in them this summer. Summer safety tips from our community police, and we join in with a some other musical troupers in our photo essay. And if story you want Anna Borris is back to invite us to an old camping tent in her backyard of fond memory. With so many stories that we could not fit them all in print this issue, look for the 5 web-exclusive articles ranging from a discussion on zoning, to the coming election and some educated talks on the middle east. So take a step on-line and see the full story about your neighbours in our Blog.

May 24, 2018: When is the best time to plant a tree?; The upside of casting shade. By Cheryl Parrott, Hintonburg resident. [-READ NOW-] 


Web-extra (May 24, 2018): Cymbeline (July 4 to August 6); Bear and Company in Westboro and Hintonburg. By Eleanor Crowder. [-READ NOW-] 

Web-extra (May 24, 2018) A Newswest – How To Vote; New Words for New Ontario Voters. [-READ NOW-] 

Web-extra (May 24, 2018) A Newswest – How To Vote; New Ontario Voters should Be Prepared. [-READ NOW-] 


May 24, 2018: Exit Overwintering Cooper’s Hawk; Enter Frogs and Spring Birding. By Robert Alvo. [-READ NOW-] 

May 24, 2018: Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Summer Safety. By Cst Dawn Neilly, OPS. [-READ NOW-] 


Web-extra (May 24, 2018): Why Westboro?; Some thoughts from the Street. By Kevin Doyle, Westboro resident. [-READ NOW-] 


May 24, 2018: Backyard Camping; Roughing it at 12 years old. By Anna Borris. [-READ NOW-] 

May 24, 2018: Photo Essay: Tiptoe Through the Music; Uke Troupe-ing in Colour for Young and old. By Neil Forman ( Photos ). [-READ NOW-] 

May 24, 2018: Community Calendar Plus. [-READ NOW-] 


Web-extra (May 24, 2018): The Contemporary Middle East; Through the Scholarly Eyes of a Palestinian Christian. By Sharron Hanna. [-READ NOW-] 

Web-extra (May 17, 2018): Photo Inset: Dollars for Dogs; A fun fundraiser in Andrew Hayden Park on May 27. By Steven Doucette, Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind (Photo).. [-READ NOW-] 

April 26, 2018: Cymbeline in Summer;
Theatre magic in our parks (July 4 to August 5).
By Eleanor Crowder. [-READ NOW-] 

April 26, 2018: Great News for Hampton-Iona;
TD Parks grant inspires new projects (June 2-16, and beyond).
By Eileen Hun. [-READ NOW-] 

April 26, 2018: Rosemount Library Gets a Band Aid;
Added space is what's needed.
By Blaine Marchand, R.E.A.D. [-READ NOW-] 

April 26, 2018: Wellington Village AGM;
7:00 p.m. May 15, Ottawa Bagel Shop.
By Kimberly Patriquin, Pres., WVCA. [-READ NOW-] 

Web-extra (April 26, 2018): 6th Annual Borshch Cook-Off on Byron Avenue;
Ukrainian Orthodox Church cooks for orphans (on May 6).
By Olena Stetskevych. [-READ NOW-] 

April 26, 2018: Parkdale Park takeover.
Jane's Walk launches (with a party) on May 3.
By Courtney Symons. [-READ NOW-] 

April 26, 2018: Little Kids in a Big World;
Adventures in distant neighbourhoods.
By Anna Borris. [-READ NOW-] 

April 26, 2018: Change is Growth;
A note from Newswest's editor.
By Tim Thibeault, . [-READ NOW-] 

April 26, 2018: Community Calendar Plus. [-READ NOW-] 


Web-extra (April 26, 2018): How High Can You Go?;
Developer aspirations soar to new heights.
By Cheryl Parrott, Hintonburg resident. [-READ NOW-] 

Web-extra (April 26, 2018): Development Plans to Be Made Clear;
City plans information presentation.
~Public Service Announcement from HEDC. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Big Tree Culling;
Cut now, pay later?.
By Chris Jones. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Rock, rock and more rock.;
Explosive construction ahead.
By Cheryl Parrott. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Connecting to Nature;
A personal journey for anyone....
By Robert Alvo, M.Sc., Conservation Biologis. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Councillor’s Corner;
News from City Hall.
By Jeff Leiper, Kitchissippi Ward Councillor. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Rumour Has It...  [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: A West End Garden Legacy;
Sherry Clarke’s enduring work.
By Deb Chapman. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Rosemount Library’s Future? ;
A book depot during renovations.
By Blaine Marchand, R.E.A.D. Group. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Neilly’s Neighbourhood;
Rules of the road apply to all.
By Cst. Dawn Neilly, O.P.S. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Letters to Newswest;
Community design plan needed.
By Bob Huson. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Photo Inset: Hintonburg & Wellington Village;
Spring Cleanup on April 28.
By staff. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Look Out Sun Here We Come!;
A close-up look at Earth’s brightest star .
By Mark Narwa. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Semi Formal Glamour;
Clothes make the teenager.
By Anna Borris. [-READ NOW-] 

April 12, 2018: Community Calendar Plus. [-READ NOW-] 


Web-extra (April 12, 2018): Different Ways To Celebrate Astronomy Day;
On April 21/22.
By Mark Narwa. [-READ NOW-] 

Web-extra (April 12, 2018): Hintonburg Community Sustainability Plan; a community consultation on April 24 and 25
By staff. [-READ NOW-] 

Web-extra (April 12, 2018): Impact Hours; A new volunteering website.
By Christine Franklin. [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: Look Up. Look Wa-a-ay Up!
A week to watch the sky.
By Mark Narwa.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: An Introduction to Birds and Birding; (including Cooper’s Hawks).
By Robert Alvo, Conservation Biologist.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: The End of Door to Door Sales?; New legislation fights high pressure sales tactics.
By Security Committee, Hintonburg Community Association.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: Rosemount Library Renovation; Faulty Assessment Leads to Wrong Decision
By Blaine Marchand, R.E.A.D.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: Rooming Houses vs Private Home; When does a “Home” become a “Bunkhouse”?
By HCA Security Committee.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: Councillor’s Corner; City News.
By Jeff Leiper, Kitchissippi Ward Councillor.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: Federal Report; Everything you need to know for the 2018 Tax Season.
By Catherine McKenna, MP Ottawa Centre.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: OCSB Trustee’s Report; New support for outdoor learning.
By Jeremy Wittet, OCSB Trustee, Zone 7.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: Why Westboro?; Rezoning Rochester Park
By Gary Ludington, Westboro Community Association.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Springtime challenges
By Dawn Neilly, OPS.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: Happy Birthday Judy; Party dresses and bow ties.
By Anna Borris.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2015: Photo Inset: Quicker than Boiling an Egg; 2 weeks of short skywatching.
Chart courtesy of Mark Narwa.  [-READ NOW-] 

March 15, 2018: Community Calendar Plus. [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: Being a Mystery Bird in Ottawa; Area authority identifies mystery hawk.
By Tim Thibeault.  [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: OCSB Trustee’s Report; Catholic School News.
By Jeremy Wittet, OCSB Trustee, Zone 7.  [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: Federal Report; Constituency Youth Council .
By Catherine McKenna MP Ottawa Centre.  [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: Photo Inset: Cooper’s Hawk in Hintonburg;
Mystery bird de-mystified.  [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: Councillor’s Corner; Current Events in Ward 15.
By Jeff Leiper, City Councillor Kitchissippi Ward.  [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: Ploughing Through Winter; Volunteer trailblazers on SJAM.
By T. Thibeault.  [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: Neilly’s Neighbourhood;
Safety on the Ice.
February 15, 2018: A City That Fosters Innovation?; Long-term strategy needed for Libraries .
By Blaine Marchand, R.E.A.D..
 [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: IODE Annual Home Tour; Westboro Homes on the Tour.
By Elanor Brodie.  [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: Photo Inset: Ottawa West GoldenKnights Prevail;
Major Midget “B” team proves consistent winners.  [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: Kitchissippi Nights;
“Some of us are looking at the stars.”  [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: Letters to Newswest; Rochester Park Decision Deferred.
By Gary Ludington.  [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: Back Yard Artistry; Life is short. Art is long..
By Anna Borris.  [-READ NOW-] 

February 15, 2018: Community Calendar Plus. [-READ NOW-] 

Web-extra (February 15, 2018): Photo Inset: Triple the Arts at First Unitarian
Next Arts Night is on Friday February 23rd.  [-READ NOW-] 

Web-extra (February 15, 2018): Ten Tips For Managing Stress;
Celebrate Heart Month by living healthier, happier.
P.S.A. from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.  [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: Meals, Music and Christmas Magic; Carleton Tavern Dinner 2017.
By Hintonburg Economic Development Committee.
 [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: How Well Do We Regard Our Past?; Taking Stock of Our Built Heritage.
By A. Marsha, A. Phillips and A. Polywkan, Built Heritage Researchers, City of Ottawa.
 [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: Wellington Village Community Association; Logo Design Contest. [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: Trustee’s Report; OCSB School News.
By Jeremy Wittet, OCSB Trustee Kitchissippi/Bay.
 [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: Provincial Report; OC150 Award.
By Yasir Naqvi MPP, Ottawa Centre.
 [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: Federal Report; Summer Jobs Program 2018.
By Catherine McKenna, MP, Ottawa-Centre.
 [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: Councillor’s Corner; City news .
By Jeff Leiper, Councillor, Kitchissippi Ward.
 [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Winter Readiness.
By Cst. Dawn Neilly.
 [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: Science Moment; Supermoon for January 31 viewing.
By T. Hairbach.
 [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: Compelling Theatre, Close to Home; Bear and Company.
By Allyson Domanski.
 [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: From Mechanical Engineer to Spiritual Engineer; St. Stephen’s Welcomes New Minister.
By Charles Singh.
 [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: Huddling Through Winter; January Has Doldrums, Too.
By Anna Borris.
 [-READ NOW-] 

January 18, 2018: Community Calendar Plus. [-READ NOW-] 

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